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Opened in 1959 on land once occupied by a hazelnut farm, Meridian Golf Par 3 is a family run golf course that welcomes players with a friendly smile and a delightful park-like setting for golf. First time visitors to the course are likely to be struck by its beauty and restful setting. Each of the course's 18 compact holes is scenically framed by towering trees, the most prominent of which are some truly gigantic cedars which lend both a majestic beauty and their wonderful fragrance to the effect. Evidence of the old nut farm can still be witnessed near the 9th tee where a nut house (used for cracking the hazelnuts) still stands

Running through Meridian's back nine is a pleasant little creek which treats autumn golfers to the annual spectacle of salmon returning from the ocean to spawn. On five of the holes the creek is in play immediately in front of the green, punishing golfers who fail to use enough club from the tee.

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